Ferb Fletcher

Ferb Fletcher (voiced by Thomas Sangster and Danny Jacob) is a Character from the Disney Channel American Emmy Award Series Phineas and Ferb and now Todd and Ferb. Ferb is an British Stepbrother to Brother and Sister Candace Flynn and Phineas Flynn, also, Ferb's Only Parent, Lawrence Fletcher is from England and marries Linda Flynn at America.


Season 1

  • Racing Stripes
  • Cousin Bartie
  • Paris Panic
  • Dodo Explorers
  • Chessy Danville
  • Art Terror

Early LifeEdit

Ferb was born to Lawrence Fletcher and Jeanne Fletcher, But when Jeanne leaves home and head for America, Lawrence go there and Meet a Woman named Linda Flynn. Lawrence and Linda married ,Ferb was taken to America and Phineas Met Ferb. Phineas loved Ferb as his own Brother, And Since that, Phineas and Ferb build Great Adventures Together.

The COOLEST Coaster Ever

Summer HolidaysEdit

Phineas and Ferb begun their Adventures in Rollercoaster, where Many Danville child residents ride Phineas and Fe

Submarine Adventure

rb's Coolest Coaster Ever. Don't Know How it Ends, but Phineas and Ferb's Adventures started Again in Todd and Ferb. In these years, They begun build The Ferris Wheel, rather then Rollercoaster, and then Build the Largest Bowling club and finally They, and Candace begun their new Single named Still Gitchee Goo in Flop Starz, Part 2. That's Ends Quickly when Ferb befriends with Todd Darling-Wood that he knows from Vanessa Doofenshmirtz's friend dad's friend, Dick Darling. So, now Phineas gets Todd in with the rest of the Club and Joins their Adventures.

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