Todd and Ferb Theme Song.


In the World of Evil Dis-o-right, Two Brothers save the day!
Todd and Ferb!

Todd and Ferb, Todd and Ferb, Todd and Ferb! Todd and Ferb....

You're So Busted! Mom!
Todd is good at matrial arts, he can do much than anything.

Ferb is brilliant and braniac,

(Phineas) Good, I Have this Song Stuck in My Head!
(Riley) bla, bla, bla

Finally there is Candace, Who always bust the boys

In the World of Evil and Freaky, Two Brothers save the day!

Todd and Ferb, Todd and Ferb, Todd and Ferb! Todd and Ferb........

(Dr. Doofenshmirtz) Oh Come On!

(Perry) Grugrugrugrugru.....

Second Verse of the Theme Song is related 2 weeks later....

There's A Million of Ten days of Summer Vacation,

And School comes along just to end it...

So the annual problems for generation

Is finding good way to spend it....

Like Maybe!
Building a City

Or Fighting a Monster..

Or Climbing up Hollywood Hills..

Discovering Something that even dosen't exist

(Isabella) What'cha Doin?

Or Giving a Lizard a Shower..

(Ferb) Yes, Yes it is

Surfing Tidal waves...

Creating Brobots

and Locating Frankenstein's Brain...

(Todd) It's Over Here!

Finding a Cave Man...

Painting an Continent..

or Driving our Sister insane......

(Candace) Todd!

There is So much to do today,

then throwing a platypus to ruins..

(Perry) grugrugrugrugru

(Phineas) Hey Perry!
So Stick with us

cuz Todd and Ferb are gonna do it all

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